Friday, October 21, 2016

A couple of days ago I received an email from Good Vibes. As a new affiliate, I was unaware of their GiVe campaigns, and I am excited to participate and spread the good  news about this years partnership. Good Vibrations has partnered with various non-profit organizations and if you buy any toy from the Inspire Sex Toy line you will receive a free bullet. 

On the checkout screen in the right sidebar, there is an option to donate $1, $5, $10, or $20 to the organizations that GV has partnered with. 100% of your donations goes to the National Breast Cancer Coalition and GV will match a portion of your donation! When you click on the amount that you wish to donate you are taken to a product page and asked to pick your donation amount again, click add to cart, and you will be taken back to your cart.

When I walked through these steps I noticed that a discount was applied to my cart. This may be the 20% off one item + free gift on $85+ orders, but it makes for a nice incentive to push that cart total over that $85. Regardless, GV is a fantastic retailer and I was incredibly happy to receive this email and learn more about the company. I love them even more now than I did before! 

Check out the copy of the email below for more details on their GiVe campaigns. 

Giving Can Be Better Than Receiving

Good Vibrations’ GIVE Campaign For Social Change
SAN FRANCISCO, (October 17, 2016): Good Vibrations, the premier sex toy retailer trusted for decades to provide quality products, accurate information, and sex positive education is pleased to announce the current partners of their GIVE campaign for social change. They are the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC), Planned Parenthood, and in the Boston area, the Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers. Good Vibrations is proud to partner with sex toy industry leader, Cal Exotics by donating proceeds to Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) with the sale of items from theInspire Sex Toy line. During all of October on their web site, customers receive a free Inspire Bullet vibrator with every purchase of an Inspire item.
100% of your contribution at check-out goes directly to our GIVE partners. In addition, Good Vibrations will match a portion of proceeds.
Good Vibrations donates advertising and sponsorship for fundraisers, along with a percentage of retail sales that has provided much needed support for women's shelters, HIV/AIDS research, art programs, LGBT benefits and much more. Recent partners have been The Transgender Law Center and the Pulse Nightclub victims fund in Orlando Florida. Good Vibrations' loyal and socially conscious customers are an integral part of helping them help others. Unlike many other companies, Good Vibrations does not take any administrative fees or charges, and fully donates the contribution and also matches a percentage or proceeds.
“Good Vibrations is proud to partner with hard working organizations who advocate health, education, resources, and access. Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary is this October and it’s Breast Cancer awareness season so please help us help others.”

-Jackie Rednour-Bruckman, Executive Vice President


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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kegels are recommended for men and women to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Benefits of Kegels include, but are not limited to, better bladder and bowel control, stronger orgasms, and prevents prolapse of organs. To perform a kegel exercise you will locate the muscles that you use to stop peeing mid-stream, then you will squeeze these muscles for 10-15 seconds, release and relax for 3-5 seconds. Repeating 10 sets, 3 times a day will show a significant change within a week!

I found that after a while I got bored doing my Kegels daily or that I wasn't making any more progress and I ventured into the world of kegel exercisers! I have tried the Ami by Je Joue and the SinFive Emigi. Both of these are basic but fantastic and can get kind of boring after a while. I have been doing research these past few weeks and wanted to share with my dear readers some of the most unique options I have found to help you do your kegel exercises! 

1. Electrical Stimulation - 

Electro Stimulation is a new concept to me. I heard about it a couple of years ago when Jopen released a vibrator by the name of Intensity. The Intensity had the look for a regular rabbit vibrator but it inflated and had two metal plates that would send electric pulses into your pelvic floor muscles. Once inserted you would inflate the device to fill your vaginal canal, pressing the plates into place against your vaginal walls. Apparently, the device had 10 levels of intensity and could cause an orgasm on demand. I have never used one, so this is merely hearsay.

Electrical Stimulation works by causing the muscle it is placed against to contract, once the pulse has stopped the muscles relax. It seems that most electrical stimulation is used for urinary inconsistency and stronger orgasms. The risks include bleeding, tenderness, or pain. You should take precautions when practicing electro-stimulation. Most of these cannot be used in public and your pants need to be off in order to get the full effect.

2. Kegel Exerciser Dilators -

These are commonly used by women who suffer from vaginismus. Vaginismus is when the vagina involuntarily contracts and penetration is painful. Starting with the smallest dilator and doing your Kegels around them can and working your way up you build muscle memory and learn to relax and control your PC muscles.  It seems that dilators are used mainly for this use.

When I came across these I thought that for kegel usage you would start with the largest, do Kegels around it, and work your way down. But obviously, from the above research, this is incorrect. I imagine that you may still be able to use them the way I had thought, but treatment of uncontrollable vaginal muscle tightness seems to be the main use. Like with the previous option, these cannot be used in public and your pants need to be off to be able to fully use this device.

3. Magic Banana -

The Magic Banana is another item that has more than one purpose. It is a loop with a gentle curve upwards. The curve is to stimulate your g-spot while you squeeze your PC muscles around the loop. The loop provides resistance. Apparently, it can also be used by gently sliding it in and out, causing the vaginal walls to contract without conscious thought of doing it. It is marketed as the only kegel exerciser that conforms to the body of the user. As with the previous two, this is not a device you can use in public and you need to take off your pants in order to properly use it.

4. K-Goal -

The K-Goal is a device that connects with your smartphone to give you feedback as you do your Kegels. The K-Goal will help you contract the right muscles and measure how tightly you are able to squeeze those muscles. The trainer also comes with software that helps to design an exercise regimen around your needs and skills. Not only all that, but it keeps data of how far you have come and you can go back and compare where you were when you first started and just how much you have changed in that time. The K-Goal is squishy and fits 95% of body types. The insertable bit is squishy and adjusts to your body type and vaginal canal. This is the first one on my list that you can use without having your pants off. You can go jogging, host meetings, and go about your everyday life while wearing the K-Goal.

5. Aneros

The Aneros looks like a butt plug to me. It's been on the market for some time now and I haven't looked into it because I can't get over how much it looks like an anal toy. The Aneros is inserted into the vagina and gripped by the PC muscles, and the bulb hooks into your g-spot. Apparently, through a rocking motion, you can stimulate your clit and g-spot while exercising your PC muscles as well. This is another device that can be used in public while going about everyday life. 

Bonus! Lovelife Krush Smart Kegel Exerciser -

The Lovelife Krush is a blue tooth kegel exerciser that runs off of an app, similar to the K-Goal. Also, like the K-Goal you can measure and track your exercise with the Krush. Unlike the K-Goal, this one vibrates. The vibrations are in sync with how hard you squeeze, or you can design vibration patterns and have your partner use them as a tease while out in public. The Krush is more of a toy than a kegel exerciser, but according to reviews, it doubles well as both. 


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Monday, October 17, 2016

A Little About Me
I am a 24-year-old mother of two, wife, girlfriend, student, feminist, polyamorous, nerd. I enjoy Doctor Who, Supernatural, RPGs/MMOs, writing, reading, Disney movies, and music. My favorite bands/musical artists are Panic at the Disco, Hozier, Melanie Martinez, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, and Twenty One Pilots.

What are some myths about polyamory that you would like to address?
The biggest one that comes to mind, thanks to a good friend of mine, is that it is always like sister wives. It is not. Every relationship has it's own dynamic. While some polyamorous folk are only okay with bringing one gender into their relationship, that is not how my dynamic works. And it is not how all polyamorous relationships are set up. I want to reiterate, every relationship has it's own dynamic.

How long have you been polyamorous? How long have you been practicing polyamory?
I always have been, but being raised in the bible belt, I didn’t realize it until I was able to secretly explore on my own, in private, without judgment. I actually came across the term for what I have always felt one night in a “mommy group.” From a young age, I’ve always wondered why if someone loves two people, they don’t just talk to both of the people they have feelings for, and date them both. I mean, it makes sense. But living in such close minded areas, I was taught that was wrong and bad - it could never work. But then I met this woman who casually mentioned her husband and her boyfriend. It blew my mind! I talked with this woman for weeks and weeks, I did research until my head hurt. I had found a place where my way of thinking was accepted. The next step, was to tell Alex. Which actually turned out very well. Alex has always questioned monogamy and had thoughts similar to mine. This was four years ago. We talked about it for two whole years before we decided to act on it.

What does your relationship dynamic look like? What sort of hard rules do you have in place?
Currently, there is me, my husband, then my boyfriend, and the girl my husband is talking to, a girl I am talking to, and my best friend/platonic lover. I believe it is referred to as a 'poly-cule.' The boyfriend has not met my husband and I have not met the girl my husband is talking to. Although, we have all chatted via text messages and such. I go to my boyfriend's place for visits, and the girl my husband is talking to comes to the town where my husband and I live for dates.

What aspect of polyamory do you excel at? What aspects do you struggle with?
I am really good at communication. I am also really bad at communication. I communicate when I know that it will help my relationship(s). But if it is something that scares me, I tend to bottle it up, and that can lead to terrible emotional outbursts. I am also bad at considering how my actions affect the group. I tend to make decisions based on my wants or needs and that leads to some upset and need for long talks.

How do you deal with jealousy?
Yes, jealousy and insecurity are issues, just like they are present and issues in monogamous relationships. There are ways to cope with them. Jealousy and insecurity are just emotions, like anger and happiness. Learning coping mechanisms to handle these issues will help you in not only relationships but in all aspects of your life. There is another feeling associated with jealousy and it’s called Compersion- "the positive feelings one gets when a lover is enjoying another relationship. Sometimes called the opposite or flip side of jealousy." In short, you don't avoid it, you talk about it, you deal with it.

Do you ever feel like they would rather be with the other person instead of you? Do you ever wonder if they care about the other person more? How do you handle that feeling?
Sometimes, but this goes back to communication and how you handle jealousy.

What happens when one partner doesn't get along with the other?
We haven't gotten here yet, but considering that communication is a big aspect of polyamory, I imagine if one partner doesn't like the other then we talk about it.

How would it work if things progressed further than just dating?
We haven't gotten this far yet, either. I would like to imagine we would all live close to one another or all live in one big happy house. Some poly folk get unofficially married to their other partners.

How much detail do you share with your partners about the other(s)?
I don't share intimate details, but considering that both of my partners are a big part of my life, I do talk to one about the other quite a bit. Talking to them about the others has helped a ton in many different areas of both relationships. How? Usually having a different point of view on the situation can help you to find other ways to solve issues. When I get upset with one of my guys and I'm too upset to talk to him about it, I will usually talk to the other and they give me a different point of view and educate me on 'guy things.'

If your 'second' partner wanted to have a baby, would you? How would the discussion for that go with the entire group? How would your group handle an 'accident?' How does guardianship work with that?
I'm not sure. I would like to be in a relationship where if he wanted more kids then I would be comfortable having children with him and integrating everything into one big family.

What if one party suddenly decides this isn't the life for them?
I have been here 3 times. It sucked because I spent so much time with each partner, but it was for the best. I am polyamorous, and they were not. If my husband decided he wasn't polyamorous, we would talk about it. We have talked about it. He would go back to being monogamous and I would continue to date.

When do you introduce your child(ren) to the other party?
My children have not asked yet, but we will be open with them. I want my children to know that different people do different things. And as long as it is all legal and consensual, then it's okay and there is no reason to judge or bully. When my children come to me with questions I usually answer the question directly, openly, and honestly.

How do you progress things to the 'next level' when polygamy is not an option in your current location?
I have read that some people are pushing for polygamy to be legal in the USA, but even if it were not, there are ceremonies that one can take to be 'ceremoniously' tied to another partner. They would not receive the legal benefits from marriage, but there would be the sentimental value to the memory.

Thank you for reading! What curiosities do YOU have about polyamory? Comment with your question below and it may be added to the next survey! If you are polyamorous and would like to participate in an interview, feel free to contact me via the contact page

Saturday, October 15, 2016


What's this? 
The Siren Vibrating Silicone Dildo from is my very first silicone dildo! While I feel like it doesn't count since it comes with a bullet, I am pleased with it! It is made by PleasureWorks and has their signature firm core. The firm core adds a realistic feel to the toy and feels fantastic when in use. Firm core is also referred to as dual density and is used in many high-quality toys. The Sire Vibrating Silicone Dildo is made out of, you guessed it, silicone, but due to the chemical makeup of the silicone to create the firm core feeling, the toy can feel tacky and attracts dust like crazy!

The toy comes with a small, one function bullet. The only speed that the bullet has is high and can be felt strongly in the base of the dildo and dissipates as it travels to the tip, but it can be felt in the tip. The bullet is inserted into the base of the toy, but once put in place it is difficult to remove it. The bullet is operated by an on/off button on the bottom of it.

What's so special about it? 
Well, like I said, the firm core plays a huge part in setting this dildo apart from others. Another thing to take note of is this toy is body-safe and eco-friendly. It was also made in the USA! The head of the toy has a bulge and curve making it great for hitting the g-spot or prostate. The base of the toy is firm and large enough to make it safe for anal. The base also makes it compatible with harnesses. Goodvibes has this toy on their staff picks list and I highly recommend it for any toy user! If you enjoy insertion then this toy will be a great addition to your toy box.

What's wrong with it? What's the "catch?" 
The only issue I have with this toy is that it attracts lint and it is a bit high maintenance when it comes down to caring for it. Some people might find it too large, but I enjoy this about it. If you enjoy a firm, yet squishy insertable toy that has the option to vibrate, then I am confident that you will love this toy. I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough.

How do I care for it?
Like I said above, it is high maintenance. You can wash the toy with warm water and soap, boil it (as long as the bullet isn't in it), wipe it down with a mild bleach or alcohol solution, or use a toy cleaner. Due to the nature of the silicone, I do not recommend sharing this toy without condoms as it could be porous. Since the chemical makeup of the silicone has been altered the Siren Vibrating Silicone Dildo may absorb the user's bodily fluids.

It is recommended that you dust the toy with cornstarch after each wash to keep it from being too tacky. I recommend washing it before and after each use because it does attract a lot of lint as you can see in the pictures. Finally, it's best to store your toys out of direct sunlight, but this toy can be stored with other toys. I do not recommend storing any toys with jelly toys as those can melt into your high quality, body-safe toys.

Is this toy for me?

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I cannot recommend this toy highly enough. It comes in cute colors, it isn't too realistic, and it feels great! The size is decent, the base is great for anal and harness use, and the bullet is decent.

I've used this toy during solo play, for double penetration, double vaginal penetration, and in a harness for peg play with the hubby. The Sire Vibrating Silicone Dildo is a must have for any toy box! You can get this toy today with a 20% discount! Follow the link at the bottom to add this toy to your toy box today!


This toy was given to me for free by in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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I always have been, but being raised in the bible belt, I didn’t realize it until I was able to secretly explore on my own, in private, without judgment. I actually came across the term for what I have always felt one night in a “mommy group.” From a young age, I’ve always wondered why if someone loves two people, they don’t just talk to both of the people they have feelings for, and date them both. I mean, it makes sense. But living in such close minded areas, I was taught that was wrong and bad - it could never work. But then I met this woman who casually mentioned her husband and her boyfriend. It blew my mind! I talked with this woman for weeks and weeks, I did research until my head hurt. I had found a place where my way of thinking was accepted. The next step was to tell my husband, who we will refer to as A. Which actually turned out very well. A has always questioned monogamy and had thoughts similar to mine. This was almost 5 years ago. We talked about it for two whole years before we decided to act on it. The rest... is another story... and much more personal. Anyway, let me clear up some stigma and some common questions.

Polyamory is not what Hollywood would have you believe. Actually, it’s probably not what you think it is at all!

Polyamory is not polygamy. Polygamy is often associated with a religion and completely heterosexual. I am bisexual and I have told you my thoughts on religion. It’s not that I am against having multiple spouses, it’s that I don’t like the term polygamy and it is not interchangeable with polyamory.

Polyamory is not swinging. While swinging does fall under the umbrella term of 'polyamory,' swinging does not define all of the polyamory community. Think of it like this: heterosexual falls under the umbrella term 'sexuality' but not everyone who identifies with a sexuality is heterosexual.

Polyamory (poly) is not cheating and does not mean that I am unhappy with A! I am actually very happy with Alex and being poly has made our relationship stronger and built a stronger bond between the two of us. It’s not that I am unhappy or insatiable, it is simply that I fall in love easily and wish to share that feeling!

Polyamory is not wild sex parties. Like I said before, polyamory is just an umbrella term for swinging and A and I aren’t looking for threesomes or orgies. For us, poly is being able to and wanting to love more than one partner. It’s the acknowledgment that I, as an individual, do not feel complete with merely one romantic partner. Furthermore, we are not sexual predators looking to convert anyone and everyone to poly. I get it, you aren’t into it, that’s fine. Just because I love easier than you do, does not mean that I want to sleep with everyone I talk to.

Yes, jealousy and insecurity are issues, but there are ways to cope with them, and these feelings are one of the things that has made mine and A’s relationship so much stronger! It’s called Compersion- "the positive feelings one gets when a lover is enjoying another relationship. Sometimes called the opposite or flip side of jealousy." If A starts to feel jealous while I am out on a date, he will do something that he thinks would make me happy, like cleaning the house. This helps him to channel the energy into something positive, and I use this technique as well.

Some people honestly believe that it cannot work, that a poly relationship cannot be long-term or lifelong. But I have met many people who are poly and have been with one partner for 7 years, another for 10, and another for just 5 months, and all three relationships are going strong. I haven’t had one last longer than 6 months, but I know with the right person/people and a little creativity, A and I and whoever my other partner is and whoever A's other partner is and all their partners can figure out how to make it last a lifetime.

Poly isn’t for everyone. Some people cannot wrap their head around it, no matter how much information they read on it. Some people disagree with it because of their beliefs. Some people can’t handle the jealousy or the amount of communication and trust that is needed to make poly work. That is ok. Polyamory is not for everyone, just like heterosexuality isn't for everyone.

You don’t have to agree with the way I am to love and accept me. But please do realize that this is not a “choice” for me, I have always been this way. It’s not “swinging,” it’s not me being "twisted" or having a disease of the mind, I have been this way for as long as I can remember. I am happy this way, and there are millions upon millions of other people out there who are just like me.

If you want to read more to better understand where I am coming from and how I feel, I have included some wonderful resources below.

More than Two is an entire website is amazing and loaded with great info. And The Reluctant Femme has a great blog post goes into a little more depth than what I have on common questions.

And of course, Tumblr is a great place to find resources and other people who are like me. Finally, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I love answering questions.

Friday, October 14, 2016

What's This?

Meet the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator! Do you enjoy buzzy vibrations? Pinpoint pleasure? Steady vibrations? Then this may just be the perfect vibrator for you. The downsides, you ask? This vibrator is operated by a turn dial on the bottom of the device and the slightest bump can cause it to change speeds or completely turn off. Despite its name, it is only splash proof, do not completely submerge this toy in water. And it takes batteries. Ick. But for the price, it's all around a decent vibrator

The Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator is made out of ABS hard plastic, making it easy to clean and a breeze to store. You can use it for general pleasure, pinpoint stimulation, or insertion. I found that using this toy for insertion with the nub on the end made it too direct for any sort of pleasurable sensation, especially considering that the nub stuck out into my vaginal canal, causing more pain than pleasure.

What's So Special About It? 

There isn't much that sets the Blue Venus Waterproof Vibrator apart from other traditional vibrators on the market. The curves on the shaft make it more ergonomic than others and the head of the toy sets it apart, but that's it. One side of the head has a nub which is perfect for pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The buzzy vibrations make this option too much for me and I usually go numb mid masturbation. The other side of the head is a shallow dip that perfectly cups my clit and inner labia. I find this option the best one for me and the biggest advantage that this toy has over others on the market.

What's Wrong With It? What's The "Catch?" 

There isn't one, really. The price point makes it a great toy to try a couple of different options with, it's splash proof, and has a variety of vibration speeds. The noise level may be too loud for some settings, such as a dorm room or living with roommates. For me, the catch was only being able to use half of the head comfortably and the vibrations were too buzzy for my taste. I couldn't get off, even with the cup side of the toys head. The vibrations caused me to go numb in not only my clit and labia but also my hand. I have never been a fan of buzzy vibrations.

How Do I Care For It? 

Abs plastic is incredibly easy to care for. Warm water and a mild soap will clean this toy with little to no scrubbing. You should pay close attention to cleaning the head of the toy in order to get into every cranny and be careful not to submerge the base of the toy. You can sanitize this toy with a 10% bleach or alcohol wipe down. Or you can simply use cleaning wipes, like these from GoodVibes. Do not boil this toy, this can damage the electronic parts of the toy. You can use any type of lube on this toy without worrying about messing up the material, but I do not recommend using oil based lubes for vaginal insertion as this can cause infections.

Is this toy for me? 

I can't answer that question. I can tell you that this toy and I are not a good match. I was not a fan of the vibrations, the noise, or the on and off dial at the bottom of the toy. I was not impressed with the waterproofing of this toy. If waterproof is not a big deal to you, you enjoy buzzy vibrations, and you don't mind the dial on the bottom of a toy, I cannot recommend this one highly enough.

PS: I apologize for the horrid pictures.
Image result for page break


This toy was given to me for free by in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

I absolutely love GoodVibes and my dislike of this toy has no reflection on how awesome of a company they are!

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Spooky. Sexy. Fun. Happy Halloween from EdenFantasys!
Use V1S at checkout for an additional 15% off!
I have a couple of virtual sex shops that I enjoy shopping at. While I don't mind the brick and mortar stores, I prefer to shop online. Being online allows me to look up the toys that I wish to purchase, research the brand or material that the toy is made of, and of course, discretion. When you visit a brick and mortar sex shop, yes, you have the advantage of being able to feel the toy and play with your purchase as soon as you get home, but you do not have the reviews at your fingertips, a forum of 1,000+ people to ask advice to, nor do you get to hide behind your computer screen.

EdenFantasys is one of the websites that offers all of the above and then some! Edenfantasys (EF) offers a great review program where you can easily browse a number of reviews on any toy. They provide a forum for their members to ask questions in and share ideas. They even have a magazine (SexIs) that members can publish articles with! I've posted a couple of articles here, myself. I have been a member of  EF for many years and have amassed a great collection of toys from there!

EF is actually where I got my start in writing reviews with their amazing review program. I loved it so much that I branched out to do my own thing! The forum is a huge help in this area as a lot of the members are already seasoned reviewers and can help you to get started. If forums aren't your thing, EF also offers a mentor program where you can get your feet wet with one on one training from a mentor of your choosing!

If you aren't interested in the community and just want some good toys, they offer those, too. A plethora of naughty things to fill your underwear drawer with. Just be warned, it is addicting. I started with my underwear drawer, and now I have toys everywhere. Currently, EF is offering up to 80% off on toys and accessories - it's the best time to stock up or try something new!

If you do go shopping with be sure to use the code V1S at checkout for an additional 15% off! 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I would describe my loving style as fast and hard. No, you dirty perv, I'm not talking about sex. I'm referring to the way I love. When I am in the early phases of someone I day dream and wind up falling in love with them much faster than I should. As things start to develop and I get to know the person better, I fall hard. Then when it's over... when it's over, I'm more broken than I should be.

It doesn't take much for me to start falling in love. A mutual attraction, similar interests, and a couple of dates. Time. That's all, really. Give me your time, give me your late nights and early mornings and I'll be wrapped around your finger. I'm not one of these girls who require mountains of gifts or for you to give up every spare second of your day. I just want to know when you are thinking about me and I want to know that I am important enough that you will set aside time for just me.

Society says this is something I should fight, for some reason this is bad. Falling in love so quickly, that is. It leads to heartbreak. But you have a limitless amount of love to give. It's endless. It only has barriers where you put them. Unlike time, which is dictated by work, school, and other obligations. I fall hard and fast, but my time is precious, so please don't waste it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I did it again. But this time, it wasn't completely on purpose. I was hosting on Hostgator and couldn't afford to keep it up, so I let it die. I just recently decided to start hosting on blogger. Anyway, I'm here to stay! I bought my own domain and I'm hosting on a free website. Booyah.

I have so many reviews to share with you guys and a lot of poly information/updates. I also have a lot of ideas that I need to get to work on. And the final thing to note: I will have a lot of changes going on in the next few days.

Stick around, things are about to get fun!

PS - I had so much more written when I was hosting on HostGator and now I need to work on more content. *Sad Face*

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


1. What TV show do you love to watch but are a little embarrassed to tell friends that you simply cannot miss an episode? I'm not that big on TV shows, and the one's I do like, I tell everyone about. For example, have you seen Lost Girl? Doctor Who? Grimm?

2. What website and/or magazine do you read and it’s your guilty pleasure? Cosmo. I know, I know, it has terrible advice, and is horribly sexist, but I can't help it.

3. What is the grocery store item you buy but you know you should not? Oreo desserts, any kind. My favorite is Oreo pie, but I also buy Oreo ice cream, Oreo pop tarts, and more. Oreo is my weakness.

4. Tell us about something you do at work that you would not want your co-workers to know that you do. I don't have a traditional job with 'co-workers.' When I did, something I wouldn't openly admit was to taking food off the trays as I set them up. Shhh.

5. Do you have a secret stash? What is it? Toys, of course! But even that isn't secret. I share my stash with the internet and anyone who comes to me asking about sex toys.

Bonus: What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure? Unsweet tea. I live in the south and anytime I mention that I love unsweet tea in front of any of my friends they totally judge me.

So maybe my first TMI Tuesday isn't as saucy as some would hope, but it's the start of a weekly post! Tell me, what are your guilty pleasures?

About Me

Hey there! I am C. Poly and I love talking about all things sex and relationships. I'm from a little town located in SE USA. I blog when time allows and love coming across new things to talk about!

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